Things I Am Into #3

Not everything needs a lot of commentary; Things I Am Into is a place to dump media that inspires me today.

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I came across Rupi Kaur’s poetry and drawings on #InternationalWomensDay when a couple of my friends shared the above photos on Facebook. I thought they were beautiful in their simplicity and immediately wanted to read more.

Rupi is from Toronto and writes poetry and performs spoken word. Last year she came  out with a poetry book called Milk and Honey. See more about her and her book on her website.

Here are some more of her poems that I love. All images from Facebook.


5 Writing Tips that Work (and the Reality of Actually Applying Them)

No matter what kind of writing you do, this rings just a little too true… We’ve all been here, right?

Ines Bellina


You have read them before. You swear you’ll commit to them. And then real life comes butting in or your initial motivation wears off or you realize that the fantasy in your head is not playing out in the physical universe the way you thought it would. This is the no BS guide of how I apply these tried-and-true writing tips.

When I have the discipline for it, of course.

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Fast and Healthy Breakfast: Smoothie Bowls!

Going to be honest: if I could eat french toast for breakfast every day I would. And going into my (second-to-last!!) finals week, comfort food is really all I’m craving. But, especially when I get stressed and sleep-deprived (always at UChicago but finals especially), if I don’t get enough fruits and veggies for a few days then I get mentally out of whack. I feel grumpy and unmotivated, and if I need to go sit down and write three papers this week that just isn’t going to cut it…

That’s why this quarter I’ve been trying to have fruit with every breakfast, so I get off on the right foot for my day and don’t go too long without actual produce! The way I’ve done that is I’ve made a lot of smoothies. What I love about smoothies is that you can put almost anything in there and it will still taste great. Frozen fruit, fresh fruit, greens, nut butter, oats, etc. all make great smoothie ingredients…But what’s even better is making it feel ~fancy~ by having it in a bowl with toppings!

Where I’m from in CA, acai bowls are staples with the popularity of places like Bonzai Bowl in Laguna Beach. With smoothie bowls, you can feel like you’re having just as decadent a breakfast, with just a few ingredients—no expensive acai berries here, sorry, I’m a college student. I love topping it with granola cereal and sometimes stealing some of my roommate’s chia seeds (I swear she gave me permission…thanks, Clara).


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Picking Your Poisons: On the Importance of Voting

Two good friends of mine have asked one question over Facebook recently that many people are wondering: if Trump gets the nomination, for whom will moderate Republicans vote? Do they feel strongly enough about party differences (or more realistically, about Hillary Clinton) that they will vote for him despite their dislike? Or will they vote for another candidate they fundamentally disagree with (a Democrat) in order to avoid supporting someone as dangerous as Trump?

Both statuses racked up a lot of comments, and though these two people have no overlap in acquaintances, one answer came up frequently in both sets of commenters: I just won’t vote.

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