No Place Like Home(s)

Sometimes, I realize that I have gone my entire life thinking that something is solid, immutable, incontrovertible.

Then I get proven wrong.

As a kid it was little things. It turned out, I liked spaghetti sauce. And teachers exist outside of school. And the tooth fairy was not the one swapping my tiny teeth for money.

Part of growing up accepting that things are less fixed than they may seem. As a college student who attends school far away from where I grew up, a big part of this fixed/not fixed problem is the idea of “home.” How do you decide when one place starts becoming your home and another place stops?

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How To Be A Woman—What?

Sorry, ladies: this is not an instruction guide. If you thought I had magically conjured the perfect formula to navigate society’s double standards and unrealistic pressures, then I’m sorry, but let me know if someone else does it…

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Picking Your Poisons: On the Importance of Voting

Two good friends of mine have asked one question over Facebook recently that many people are wondering: if Trump gets the nomination, for whom will moderate Republicans vote? Do they feel strongly enough about party differences (or more realistically, about Hillary Clinton) that they will vote for him despite their dislike? Or will they vote for another candidate they fundamentally disagree with (a Democrat) in order to avoid supporting someone as dangerous as Trump?

Both statuses racked up a lot of comments, and though these two people have no overlap in acquaintances, one answer came up frequently in both sets of commenters: I just won’t vote.

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