Where to End Our Favorite Story…

Like many, many people my age, I am a devout Potterhead. The books  (and movies) were an integral part of my childhood. I happened to rest right in the sweet spot in which I was never “too old” for a new release, and Harry’s story got longer and more complex as I grew into a reader capable of handling such material.

My fellow blogger over at Introverted Playground made a really interesting post on her school’s site about the continuation of the Potter world through The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts. I’m not sure I entirely agree with her, but I think her point is well argued and valid. While I soak up every new tidbit of Potter lore that JK Rowling tosses us, I can’t help but wonder at what point it will end. Books live forever in the hearts of their readers and the pages upon which they’re printed, and Rowling built a lovingly complex and detailed one…but will the back cover ever really close?

If it doesn’t, if Rowling keeps adding forever, are readers (and/or the Potter legacy?) even benefiting?

See the full post below:

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